How to Make a Bun Using the Foam Hair Donut

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Slide the sock donut a few inches down your ponytail so that the tips of your hair are sticking out of the hole. Not Helpful 9 Helpful

Oct 10,  · How to Do a Doughnut Bun Without a Doughnut. Two Methods: Using Elastic Bands Using a Sock Community Q&A. A doughnut bun, like its name suggests, is a circular bun worn on the top or back of the head that looks like a doughnut. Roll the sock down, gathering the hair into a doughnut%().
My naturally thin hair usually produces a bun that's more like the size of a donut hole rather than a full, round donut so stuffing it to make it look more voluminous sounded.
The bun is a sophisticated hairdo that helps to not only get your hair off of your face but keeps your hair in place. Often, when people style their hair into a bun, they will put their hair into a ponytail first, then wrap the hair around in a circle to create a bun
Va-va voom hair for a holiday party or a special event is all about volume. Instead of adding big, loose curls to your medium-length or long tresses, upgrade your party look with a big bun hairstyle instead.
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Now loop your ponytail through the hole of your hair donut and slide it up until it reaches the base. If you have thin or fine hair , you may want to lightly tease it to help create the effect of a fuller bun. Working in stages, smooth your strands clockwise around the hair donut, tucking the hair under and securing with bobby pins as you go.

Tell-tale signs are a no-no! And there you have it: Now go forth and work your new style to the max! Place the hair donut at the base of your ponytail then begin taking small to medium sections of hair and wrap them around the donut.

Apply as many as needed for the donut to feel secure. There you have it. An elegant low donut bun that any ballerina will be envious of! If this hair donut how-to has inspired you to wear your hair up more often, why not head on over to our Updos page? By submitting your details you agree to receiving emails from All Things Hair. For more personal data usage information please see the Unilever Privacy Policy. Unilever uses cookies to give you the best experience online and to provide anonymised, aggregated site usage data.

You can find out what cookies we use, what they do and how you can disable them in our Cookie Policy. By browsing our sites, you consent to use cookies. Wrap the end of the ponytail around the twisted hair. Wrap the ponytail tight around itself once more. Tuck the end of the ponytail underneath the new bun. Hold it in place with another elastic band.

Make minor adjustments as needed. At this point, your bun is basically done. You can gently push it to change its position or to tuck stray hairs back in. When it's just how you like it, you're done. Be careful-fiddling with your bun too much can make it come apart. Make a bun doughnut from a sock you don't need. If you have an elastic sock or even a stocking that you don't mind cutting up, it's not hard to make your own bun doughnut.

Ideally, it should be close to your hair color so it's hard to see. Cut the toe off of the sock. Roll from the new toe hole towards the ankle. You should get a small, bunched-up, doughnut-like piece of elastic. This is exactly how you'd normally make a ponytail, with no special changes. Gather your hair behind or on top of your head and smooth it into a single dense rope, pulling the rest of your hair tight.

Secure it with an elastic. If you just washed your hair or it's naturally a little slippery, it can be hard to get this bun to stay in place. Try using a texturizing spray to give it some hold. Slide the sock doughnut over the tip of the ponytail. Now, hold your ponytail so it's pointing straight up. Use your free hand to spread the doughnut open and pop it onto the ponytail an inch or two from the tip. Don't roll it to the base yet. If the sock doesn't quite stay on your ponytail, don't worry.

It will get tighter as you roll it down. Fan your hair out and tuck it into the sock. This part is a little tough. You want to take the hair at the end of your ponytail and spread it out equally in all directions. Roll the hair around the top of the sock and tuck them in underneath the roll. Move the doughnut down slightly to catch the hair. If you have hair that isn't naturally very stiff, you can hold your ponytail up and let the hair fall around the doughnut.

Then, just run your hand downward over the doughnut to gather the hair and tuck it in. Roll the sock down, gathering the hair into a doughnut. As you roll the doughnut down, it should catch the hair and start rolling it up, making a doughnut-shaped bun that gets thicker as it gets nearer to the bottom. It should get easier to roll near the bottom of the ponytail. Secure the bun in place.

Once the doughnut has been rolled up to the bottom of your hair, you can hold it in place with an elastic band or scrunchie.

You can also use bobby pins to hold particularly troublesome sections of hair down. It can also help to use a little hairspray to give the bun a stiffer, stronger form. If you have short hair it might be more difficult, but it depends on how short your hair is.

If your hair is long enough to tie in a ponytail and twist it into a circle, then it should work. Otherwise, you'll need to use a fake bun. Not Helpful 1 Helpful


A Hair donut bun maker set,help to create a full Fashionable Bun that AJOY 3 Size Donut Bun Maker for kids and Girls, Blonde, 3 Pcs. by AJOY. $ $ 8 00 ($/Count) FREE Shipping on eligible orders. out of 5 stars Product Features Flexible Elastic and Tight, Can keep your hair . Tuck a small section of hair that is already falling over the donut by simply pulling the hair down to the bottom of the donut, then snuggling that part of hair under the donut with your hand. Even though it feels like a silly thing to do, the tiny velcro like plastic teeth of the donut will keep it there. Va-va voom hair for a holiday party or a special event is all about volume. Instead of adding big, loose curls to your medium-length or long tresses, upgrade your party look with a big bun hairstyle instead.