Ancient Egypt

A typical home in ancient Egypt had mirrors, pots and pans, ovens, shelves, beds, comfortable sitting areas, lighting for evenings, heat, and fountains to naturally cool their homes. In the bedrooms, you would find cosmetic pots and perfume pots, and clean clothes.

Their talent for producing incredibly beautiful sculptures was based on their association with sculpture and the construction of their tombs and buildings. Ra was said to have created himself out of the mound that emerged from the ancient waters. He is shown in a number of ways, as a ram-headed man, a frog-headed man and most commonly as a man with a double-plumed crown. The Eye of Horus was a powerful amulet, which is an ornament or small piece of jewellery that was thought to fight off evil, danger and disease.

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Ancient Egypt for Kids. Five thousand (5,) years ago, the ancient Egyptian made their home at the mouth of the Nile River.

Ancient Egypt Facts For Kids Ancient Egypt was a fascinating time in History. We've got everything you need to know right here, plus some super fun facts. Doing.

Egyptian Amulets An amulet is an item that someone might wear or carry around with them in the belief that it will bring them good luck or protect them. Egyptian Ankh The ancient Egyptians used symbols to represent many words and ideas. Their writing, known as hieroglyphs, have a lot of symbols that represent their gods and their lives.

Ba and the Ka The ancient Egyptian people lived their lives with two main concerns: It contains all of the information that is needed for the spirit of someone who has died to get through the trials and tests and emerge to their afterlife.

Egyptian Games Civilizations and cultures around the world seem to share in the love of playing games. Some of the games in ancient Egypt were designed just for adults, but others were played by people of all age. Egyptian Animals Ancient Egypt had a number of animals that were local to the area and that they used as pets, farming, transportation, food and fat for cooking and oil.

Egyptian Artifacts The ancient Egyptian civilization lasted over 3, years and during that time they created many items that we can still see today. Egyptian Clothing Egypt has hot and dry weather because so much of it is a desert. The ancient Egyptians had to have clothing that was not too hot and allowed free flowing air to cool their bodies.

Egyptian Families Ancient Egyptians placed high value on their family life. They considered their children to be a blessing from the gods and so they took exceptional care of them. Egyptian Farming The ancient Egyptians had the ability to grow everything they needed to eat. Although Egypt is a desert, the Egyptians settled near the Nile River.

Egyptian Food When you look at the country of Egypt, you see large areas of dry hot desert. The Egyptians did have one thing going for them: Egyptian Furniture Most people in the world are lucky enough to have land around them that grows trees. These cultures build all kinds of beautiful furniture using the wood from the trees. Egyptian Hierarchy Ancient Egypt was a successful culture for over 3, years.

Egyptian Houses Almost all of Egypt is a desert, and in ancient Egypt they needed to use any fertile land for growing crops. Egyptian Mummies To understand Egyptian mummies you have to first know about their religious beliefs. Egyptian Music Music was as important to the ancient Egyptians as it is in our modern society. Although it is thought that music played a role throughout the history of Egypt, those that study the Egyptian writings.

Egyptian Painting When archeologists began discovering ancient Egyptian paintings, they were found in tombs and burial places. Egyptian Pharaohs Ancient Egypt was one a thriving civilization, lasting over 3, years.

The pharaoh that was the leader was thought to be both a man and a god. Egyptian Plants Egypt was and continues to this day to be mostly desert. The people of the area benefited from living close to the Nile River. Egyptian Pottery The Egyptians were one of the first cultures in the world to create pottery.

They developed an excellent farming-based civilization and it is thought that they made pottery as a way to store grains and food items. They were built thousands of years ago and yet still stand. Egyptian School Formal education in ancient Egypt was mostly reserved for the boys of wealthier families. Although there is some evidence that occasionally, girls did go to school and even became doctors. It was also called the Wadjet Eye. The ancient Egyptians worshiped Horus partly because he had the Eye of Horus.

When he lost his eye, it was said that it grew back to become the Eye of Horus. Can you imagine losing an eye and then it growing back? Whoa, that must have been weird. What did Horus Look Like?

Horus was considered to be very handsome. He was normally shown as a falcon or a falcon headed man, although sometimes he appeared as a falcon headed crocodile.

Sometimes he would take the form of a heavenly falcon with his left eye being the moon and his right eye being the sun, his speckled breast feathers were the stars and the down sweep of his wings created winds. He was also sometimes shown with a copper knife. Wonder what he used that for. He also normally wore the double crown to show that he ruled all of Egypt and to show that he was related with the Pharaoh.

How was Horus Worshipped? There were heaps of falcon gods before Horus, but eventually Horus symbolised all of them.

In Upper Egypt, which was the south, in the town of Edfu, there was a temple in Ptolemaic, which was just for Horus. Horus was a good friend of Sobek. He was also worshipped as a guide to the pharaohs. He sure seemed important with all those temples for people to worship him. As we said, Horus was the god of the sky. The pharaoh ruling at any given time of Egypt was always the living image of Horus.

When he died, that pharaoh became Osiris, the god of the dead and the father of Horus. The new pharaoh became Horus. He was there to protect the pharaoh. He was a protector god, who was a god who fought evil. He was all about justice and honesty. He fought with Seth. He did this to even the score for his father, Osiris, who was killed by Seth.

When Horus beat Seth, he conquered his father, Osiris', throne, and became protector. As time went by, his jobs often changed over time. Other myths say that he was the son of Nut and Get, and that Osiris, Isis, Set and Nephthys were his brothers and sisters. Wonder which myth is true? Wow, he sure was popular. Maybe you can use them for a school project or just wow your friends and family with all this knowledge. Discover the legends and myths and religious beliefs that surrounded Ra, the very important Egyptian sun god.

There were lots of other Egyptian gods that were often linked to him, such as Atum and Horus. Ra was usually shown in human form with a falcon head, crowned with the sun disk encircled by the Uraeus, the sacred cobra. The sun itself was taken to be either his body or his eye. Ra was believed to traverse the sky each day in a solar barque and pass through the realms of the underworld each night on another solar barge to reappear in the east every morning.

Ra was also considered to be an underworld god, closely associated with Osiris as Ra resurrected Osiris to rule over the dead. In this capacity he was depicted as a ram-headed figure. As the culture of the Egyptians changed, so some of the gods were absorbed into new gods.

Do you think you can pronounce that? Syncretism meant that religious beliefs and practices were literally fused together to create a brand new system. Ra was associated with previous sun gods. Just to add to the confusion he was also referred to as 'Re'! All the symbols and the myths as well as the looks of all the older gods were all mushed up together to form the new god Ra!

How cool is that? Because of this Ra was closely linked with the gods Atum, Horus and other sun gods. Ra was said to have created himself out of the mound that emerged from the ancient waters. He then created Shu air and Tefnut moisture , who then created the earth god Geb and the sky goddess Nut. That was a seriously long time ago! He certainly was important for that to happen. He was worshipped far and wide.

The Egyptian kings and pharaohs had special pyramids, obelisks, and sun temples built in his honour. After his death, the Pharaoh was said to rise into the sky to join the people who followed Ra. The walls of tombs showed Ra's journey through the underworld carrying the prayers and blessings of the living with the souls of the dead on the sun boat. What did Ra look like? The pictures of Ra in ancient Egyptian art are found in tombs, temples, manuscripts and hieroglyphics, artefacts and relics of ancient Egypt.

This is how he was shown in the ancient drawings. He sure was very, very important. The right eye of Ra represented the sun, and the left eye represented the moon.

Do you know any other cool facts to share with us about him? Thoth was the God of knowledge, wisdom and hieroglyphs. Weirdly enough he created himself, who knows how, so he had no parents! Wonder how he did that. Being the God of knowledge and wisdom, Thoth gave advice to the Gods who battled in one of the 3 most important battles in Ancient Egyptian history. The second battle was Heru-Bekhutet against Set, the God of evil. Finally, the last battle was Horus against Set.

The Egyptian god Thoth is thought of as one of the most important of the ancient Egyptian gods. He did many jobs in Egyptian mythology including maintaining the universe, settling of arguments among the other Egyptian gods, and he judged those who would die. Bet you had to be really well behaved around him. The ancient Egyptians linked this powerful deity, or God, with many things which included the mind, science, logic, intelligence, knowledge, writing, and reason.

Here are a list of facts that will help you understand more about this important God. How did the Ancient Egyptians show Thoth. An ibis is a long and slim bird with a curved beak. The curved beak apparently symbolises the curve of the moon. He sure was powerful. The Greeks later named this city Hermopolis Magna. It apparently had all the secrets of the universe in it. Now that would be a cool book to read. Apparently if you read it you would get awesome magical powers, but you would also be troubled by a life filled with disaster.

He had heaps of names throughout the centuries in which ancient Egypt flourished. Have you ever heard of someone with so many names? Here are all of his names:. This led some ancient Greeks to combine the two gods into one god that they called Hermes Trismegistus. He was definitely a well-respected and cool god and everyone thought he was awesome. Do you have any other facts to share with us about this mighty powerful god? Osiris was the Egyptian god of death, the Underworld and Rebirth. He was murdered by his jealous brother Seth and became the lord of the Underworld.

He was well-known for his green coloured skin, the symbol of rebirth and regeneration. He also had white clothing which was a sign of mummification. He also had a tall white, conical headdress called the Atef crown. He was very closely linked to the Pharaohs of Egypt and carried the flail and the crook which were the symbols of power and kingship.

He sure was very important. His famous sons were Horus by Isis and Anubis by his other sister, Nephthys. Osiris is one of the most famous and easily recognised of all the ancient Egyptian gods. He was shown as a 'human' god without the head of an animal. He also had a false plaited beard that was tightly knotted, plaited and hooked behind the ears.

Can you imagine yourself with a beard like this? The Heavenly Osiris Throughout their history the ancient Egyptians all believed that Osiris was heavenly. The ancient Egyptians believed that Osiris died by the powers of evil, Apep, who was the eater up of souls. Wow that sounds scary. After their great struggle he rose again and became the king of the underworld and the judge of the dead.

Osiris was placed in a very high position amongst the gods and was equal to and, even sometime more superior than the sun god Ra. He certainly was an important God indeed. Myths about Osiris The most famous legend about Osiris is about his death by his brother Seth. Osiris was the oldest son of Geb and Nut who were the first king and queen of Egypt.

Osiris became pharaoh after Geb and married his sister Isis. Seth was always jealous of Osiris and his super important role as king of Egypt.

The evil Seth tricked Osiris making him lie in a magnificent coffin as part of a game and then murdered him. Seth cut his body to pieces, and threw the coffin into the Nile. That was incredibly cruel!

His body travelled down the Nile and across the sea to the Phoenician coast, where it eventually rested at the foot of a tamarisk tree. As the tree grew it surrounded Osiris and the coffin in its trunk. Later, the tree was cut down by the king of Byblos and was used as a pillar in his palace. Isis got the pillar back and moved it to Egypt.

Anubis, the son of Osiris, helped Isis and her sister Nephthys to rebuild his body and Anubis was in charge of the first mummification. This ancient Egyptian myth explains why Osiris was the god of the dead and ruler of the Egyptian underworld. The 'Raising the Djed Pillar' ceremony was a sign of the rebirth of Osiris. Osiris was one mighty god of Egypt and was loved by most.

He was special and was worshipped widely. Are there any other facts that you know about Osiris that we may have missed out? Tell us all about it, we would love to hear from you. One of the most famous gods of ancient Egypt was Isis. She was one of ancient Egyptians most important gods.

The ancient Egyptians built lots and lots of temples to honour her. Did you know that lots of ancient gods in Egypt changed roles throughout the centuries? Well they did and Isis changed roles many times indeed. Here are some super awesome facts about this goddess who was certainly rather famous! She was mostly related to protection, healing, motherhood, children and nature. The name Isis is actually the Greek version of her name! Wow, who would have thought that? She was seen by the Egyptians as both a protector and mother of the Pharaohs.

Now that was a long time ago. This group, which was worshipped at Heliopolis, an ancient Egyptian city, was made up of the nine original gods and goddesses of ancient Egypt.

They were considered to be the most important gods and goddesses of this ancient civilisation. Isis was said to have married her brother Osiris and together they had a son named Horus. Would you like to marry a brother or sister? They believed she had the power to heal. There is one myth that says that the healed her son Horus from a nasty scorpion sting.

He was apparently very jealous of them. There are quite a few myths about this, but the one that most people believe is that Isis brought Osiris back to life. She obviously loved him very much.

This evidence was temples and engravings. Wow, that is far and wide. She was one popular goddess. How was the Egyptian Goddess Isis Portrayed? Most ancient gods and goddesses were shown in different ways in drawings and carvings that were discovered.

Read on to find out what Isis apparently looked like. It looks like a key and supposedly symbolises the idea of eternal life, just like being immortal. It would be cool, you could have fun forever! It is sometimes spelled tiet, tet, and set. This symbol looks like the knot that was used to fasten the Egyptian gods clothing.

It was believed that these pictures of her on their coffin would help protect the dead against evil. She was a powerful and respected goddess across many lands. Do you know any other facts about Isis that you want to share with us? The Egyptian God Seth was also known as the god of chaos. According to popular Egyptian mythology it would certainly seem that he created plenty of mayhem and havoc.

Apparently Seth's cult was one of the oldest in Egypt. Some pharaohs honoured him and used his name as part of theirs during certain periods.

Who was the God Seth? At first, they saw him as a valuable god. They believed he lived in the kingdom of the dead. Egyptians prayed to him so that he could help their dead family members. After that his role changed completely and he became the complete opposite of Horus. He became very unpopular and was an enemy to quite a few gods. The Egyptians also saw him as a storm and war god. They hated people with red skin and, sometimes, killed animals with red fur.

Wow, he certainly was hated then! It had a pointed snout, tall, rectangular ears and a thin body like a dog with a long forked tail. These animals were the boar, the antelope, the crocodile and a donkey. Some even saw linked him to poisonous creatures like snakes and scorpions. In some myths, Seth took the form of a hippopotamus. Some stories said that Seth helped Ra.

Wonder which myth is actually true. Seth was one of the Two Lords Horus was the other who gave the king power and authority. Some pharaohs, like Seti I, were named after Seth. Other pharaohs used the Seth animal as part of their emblem.

One was one of the five Intercalary days, which were the days right before the New Year began. The Egyptians honoured each of them on their birthday. It was like a ritual where a pharaoh or a priest would spear a model of a hippopotamus. Then the people all cut up and ate a cake shaped like a hippopotamus.

Do you think you can make a cake shaped like a hippopotamus? Seth was the opposite of three other major gods, which were Osiris, Horus and Ra. Seth sure sounded like an interesting god, bringing chaos with him wherever he went! He was worshipped and he was also not all that popular at times too.

Do you have any interesting facts to share with us about Seth? This was very common in Egyptian mythology. She is one of the oldest Egyptian Goddesses around, and one of the most powerful. Her son was Nefertum, who was the God of Sunrise.

It was probably best to stay away from this powerful goddess. How was Sekhmet Shown? Her headpiece also had a uraeus, which means cobra, and she was often dressed in red. She was very well-known for her violence and her power. She was also connected with the hot winds of heaven. Others believed that she was linked to the hot winds of the desert with her breath. She used weapons like arrows, swift darts, and the fiery heat of her own body, which apparently came from the heat of the sun.

Ancient Egypt had a number of animals that were local to the area and that they used as pets, farming, transportation, food and fat for cooking and oil. Egyptian Artifacts The ancient Egyptian civilization lasted over 3, years and during that time they created many items that we can still see today. Ancient Egypt for Kids Five thousand (5,) years ago, the ancient Egyptian made their home at the mouth of the Nile River, where the Nile runs into the Mediterranean Sea. It was a wonderful place to live. Ra in Ancient Egyptian Mythology - The Sun Gods Ra, the Egyptian sun god, was a very old god but there were even more ancient sun gods than him. As the culture of the Egyptians changed, so some of the gods were absorbed into new gods. Now that’s rather strange. However, this way of creating new gods by combining them with old gods was called.