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It would have to be worn at night in the winter here for it to be cold enough to work. Oh I like this alot which surprises me. October 21, at 4:

Hoodie/Blazer Hybrids Wearing a hoodie under a blazer was the ancestor of this whole
We asked 11 of our favorite fashion bloggers for fresh ways to wear a blazer. From pairing it with summery dresses to wearing it with T-shirts and hoodies, here's what they came up.
G By Guess XS Grey Pinstripe Button Front Lined Attached Hoodie Blazer Coat z Jacket has a sheen to it and hoodie is a button detachable Armpit to armpit 19” Collar seam to end tail ” Midneck to e.
We asked 11 of our favorite fashion bloggers for fresh ways to wear a blazer. From pairing it with summery dresses to wearing it with T-shirts and hoodies, here's what they came up.
G By Guess XS Grey Pinstripe Button Front Lined Attached Hoodie Blazer Coat z Jacket has a sheen to it and hoodie is a button detachable Armpit to armpit 19” Collar seam to end tail ” Midneck to e.

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Even the sporty ones look elegant on you. I think you will convince everyone on the forum that hoodies can be worn. Wow — I love the combination with the military jacket! Beautiful fall outfit and it looks perfect on you Angie. This is such a brilliant post and Angie you have just got me on my feet to try my hoodie with other jackets!!

I really like this look. For some reason, it reminds me of the first time I saw Tom Cruise wear a t-shirt under a jacket. Another juxtapostion I like. Ths unexpected, like cropped moto with evening gown, it just all works for me. Thanks for such wonderful examples. Never heard of Cuddl duds before and will have to check them out. I wish I could say which version I like best but that would be impossible. I love how each jacket changes the mood so much.

And your explanations of why you chose each element. I must reconsider hoodies! Ahh — THIS is fabulous, and has just created the need for an additional — not bright colored — hoodie in my wardrobe!

I love everything about this, and think that I could actually rock it too Thanks for a terrific outfit, and thanks to Cuddl Duds. And while all looks are fabulous, if I had the right hoodie, I would wear 1 and 3 all the time. I love all of these looks. My favorite is with the blazer; you know how much I love juxtaposition!

I love this look — my husband just bought a leather jacket with a hoodie sewn in and it looks great on him too! My Cuddl Duds are all for layering underneath — I had no idea they make pieces like this hoodie. These are all such interesting looks, I love the details and your logic behind each choice. Those ink blue boots are pretty slick! Wow, I love every iteration of this outfit and want to copy! The hoodie itself is super-cute. And I love it equally with the military jacket and the denim!

Okay, now I have to convince myself NOT to buy one of those hoodies…hmmmm…I have made a lot of returns lately…. Well you of course Angie. I have some cuddlduds long underwear but nothing that is seen in public. I have poison touch for fleece though — something rubs me the wrong way when I touch it and I cannot wear it, but if I did this hoodie and the fab matching bottoms would be my new loungewear of choice.

Most of my Cuddl Duds are for layering but will be looking for the hoodie so I can copy this look, especially with the denim jacket. Great look for errands in town. And I hereby appoint you an honorary member of Team Riveting Rearsider! The pattern takes the place of a bright. This is so me. This is the kind of thing I can wear for a day out photographing and still look presentable to grab a casual dinner in the evening, or show up at a camera club meeting or something.

I had a leopard print hoodie years ago that I loved to death and finally, sadly, retired. You may have just provided me with the replacement. This is such a terrific visual of the blazer and hoodie combination. I like it best with the military jacket but all iterations are fab fab fab. I like the fleece mix in as well, I was thinking only sweater hoodies originally but see even more possibilities for cold weather comfort now. Polished yet casual is a look I aspire to and fits my life.

A leopard hoodie is going to be on its way to me. I have never heard of Cuddl Duds but I am very excited to look into them when I can open my wallet again! And that Theory blazer…yeow! What a great post, Angie. What a great hoodie! It seems a little less utilitarian than most. I love all three looks, Angie, with 3 as a slight favorite.

Thanks for some new ideas this morning. I was so prepared not to like this combination reading about it is one thing but seeing it is another. I love this look under the military jacket — especially with the polished boots. I really like the thumb hole on the sleeve. I had another fleece with that detail and have not been able to find it on a reasonably priced fleece since. Definitely something to consider. I banned myself from wearing hoodies years ago and have confined my polar fleece to the house, but your recent posts are making me rethink this!

I like how the hood acts as a scarf to keep the back of the neck warm. This would be a great outfit for going to a football game. It gives a nod to the casual situation, while still still delivering a huge amount of refinement and polish. And you and your body double are looking fabulous. Yay for thumb holes.

You look gorgeous in all of these options and I love that they are all variations I could wear. My favorite here is with the denim jacket. Those ink blue boots are to die for, too! Love the leopard print on you, especially with the cigarette pants. Thanks so much for the compliments. Aquamarine, good point about long hair getting in the way of hoodies worn under jackets. My short hair makes this combination a lot more comfortable.

Greg has a waxed denim jacket with a sewn in hoodie that we both adore. Ariraphale, mixing it up is fab, which means you need to wear brights. Elle, I have very sensitive skin. My skin is the next fussy bit about me after my feet.

So far, the Cuddl Duds fabrications feel wonderful. You look so warm and cosy Angie! I dread my thermal tops because they tend to scrunch up at the waist and I have pull it down from under my shirt each time I stand up! On you, I loved all the looks you sported, especially the one with the blazer and the military jacket one. I absolutely LOVE this. I have to say that this the most appropriate and useful combo for me.

The most important lesson that I have learned at YLF has been to mix dressy and casual elements. As a SAHM, this allows me to dress a bit dressier while still staying appropriate to my surroundings and life style. I like the half-zip style you choose, and all of these looks are great. Different for you, but still you. Must be on lookout. I do not own a hoodie.

But I am soooo into the look right now! I had seen this look on your pinterest board the other day and had fallen in love with link 1!

So sporty and cool. I am not sure if I can pull it off, but I want to try it with a sleeveless lightweight hoodie. Now where am I going to find that type of a hoodie? A regular hoodie with blazer would be impossible in the weather here. I saw a man walking down the street about a year ago wearing a hoodie under his blazer, and thought it looked good, so I tried it. For many years I had already been wearing a fine-gauge knit hoodie under my leather coat, which sort of grunge-ifies the look and appeals to my lingering 90s nostalgia.

The hoodie trick works really well that way. This only works for me with quite a thin hoodie, however. I love this look, especially the sporty version listed last. I have trouble layering blazers over button down shirts…stuff bunches up and I end up fidgeting all day. The bulk of a hoodie gives me pause…however, I really do like the look and may try it with a mustard yellow hoodie and an oversize black riding blazer I have. The layering would work really well for winters here in Houston.

I like the more refined versions of these as a look. I think the sportier versions are a fun option for those who enjoy hoodies and want to switch it up or be warmer. My eye is drawn to the sleeker versions. I have made my peace with the need for a hood option in some rainwear and one of my winter coats, but find them fussy otherwise.

Perhaps, because of my shoulder length hair. Appreciate these examples, Angie. If one is hoodie person, this would really add some new outfit choices. Oh I like this alot which surprises me. I do own a thin grey zip up hoodie that might work for this type of styling. I want to like it. Sorry, too grunge for me.

Thanks for the inspiration to step outside of my comfort zone, even if only with my imagination. Having said that, I adore the America navy striped hoodie with the navy blazer — that looks quite classy while still casual. It would even work for a casual Friday in my office. I love this look. I really like this, especially 2. It brings me home to the 90s and at the same time, still feels fresh. A fun idea though! I think this would be an excellent Mom on the Go look that I could embrace as the juxtaposition of casual but dressy makes my hear sing.

So glad you introduced this one as it never would have occurred to me! This works great for my arty style — love layering and being able to wear blazers and still be casual. I was just watching Harry Potter, Prisoner of Azkaban with the kids last night, and noticed Hermione wearing a hoodie and bootcuts.

I would favor a lightweight, upscale hoodie, of course. What a fun, fresh combo idea. I might try it if I can figure out if any of my hoodies would work in this way, and fit under my blazers. I just tried it. I do sometimes wear my denim jacket over my hoodie for extra warmth, when the situation is extremely casual i. I actually love how that feels.

Wait — I do have a hoodie. You know — this feels a bit like the nostalgic tee formula to me. I like it more and more. Tanya has a point about long hair getting in the way of a hoodie. Unless you tuck away your hair. Hoodies are worn very casually. To my eye, a refined hoodie look is achievable with attention to item detail and outfit execution.

And wearing a blazer with upscale track pants has been trending for a while. Even in a thinner hoodie I think I would feel too bulky in this. I love this type of look, especially with heeled ankle boots, and wear it all the time. I have a beautiful olive green brushed cotton hoodie that goes perfectly under my tweed blazer, and never looks overly casual.

I will sit this one out. I still call hoodies sweatshirts and we wore these because we had to when we were camping as kids. I think the main issue for me is that hoodies often bother me by feeling the hood part is bunching. So it would require very intentional pairing of extremely streamlined hoodie with a certain jacket with just the right armholes and lapels and would not be an effortless outfit for me usually.

I love it on others, and I love the idea, but on me I worry that it would be too bulky. Maybe if the perfect lightweight hoodie makes itself known to me I will give it a try! I have a couple of cashmere hoodies that are sleek enough for this look.

I tried one on last year, but even without the whole sweatshirt, it just felt too bulky for me. It would have to be worn at night in the winter here for it to be cold enough to work. What I love about this look is that it dresses down a blazer, making a suit jacket much more versatile.

One of my favorite casual looks but only if the final effect is sophisticated, not nostalgic or sporty. My rendition requires dark, slim pants; a light-weight, grey, cashmere hoodie; and my tailored navy blazer worn with a sleek cross-body bag and heeled, polished boots. The hoodie portion settles around my neck much like a scarve so my neck stays warm and cosy and I feel totally age-appropriate as a woman in her mid-sixties. I doubt I have the right kind of hoodie, I think I only have one.

It is part of a sweatpants set, and it is bulky. So the question becomes, do I want to purchase a more lightweight hoodie so I can try this look. Thanks for the ideas Angie!! I love this idea, and loved the sample pictures! A lightweight hoodie would be a great option! Plus I love the juxtaposition of formal and very casual. Mark Wahlberg would approve! Gives me a chance to wear my blazers that otherwise would seldom get worn.

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