How to Accessorize a Black Dress

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The little black dress has always been a wardrobe staple for women. It allows endless possibilities for accessorizing. With a clean slate like a black dress, you can create any look for any occasion by adding style elements including color and texture.
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The little black dress has always been a wardrobe staple for women. It allows endless possibilities for accessorizing. With a clean slate like a black dress, you can create any look for any occasion by adding style elements including color and texture.

They were just going to wait the night away in their This little cherub already shows taste for fashion. Dress up this baby with the last infant trends. Tinkerbell Black And White Pizza. Tinkerbell is one the most powerful fairies in the universe.

She is waiting for guests since morning. She has done all the arrangements for them. The only thing she could not prepare is black and white pizza which is Dress up this cutie in red and black.

Choose from different fashionable outfits and make her shine! Who said cheerleaders couldn't be emo?! Show the girls in the squad a fashion they've never seen with your black wristbands and pink fishnets! Teen Adventure Party Jobs. How fun, you get to go the the black light party event with your best friend.

She needs your help to find a look that will glow in the dark. Teen Makeup Party Fashion. Black And White Ball. The Black and White Ball is the most expected event of the year. All guests are asked to dress in black and white. It's time to be creative! Select between the magical gowns and beautiful accessories to costume those However, black doesn't suit everyone. For example, it can drain pale skin tones or it can simply make some people feel too somber and dour.

If black doesn't suit you, be sure to keep the dress as far from your face as possible such as using a plunging or deeply rounded neckline and straps instead of sleeves. Pantyhose evens out your skin tone on your legs and provide the finishing touch to the look. For evening wear, sheer black or gray tinted pantyhose are an excellent choice.

Colored tights could also work with a black dress provided the color matches with other accessories and is right for your age and skin tone. For winter wear, remember that legs tend to look longer when the shoes and tights color match. Choose the right shoes.

Dressing up the little black dress with shoes is a significant part of the look because the shoes can provide contrasting color or style to the dress. Shoes worn with the little black dress should be of very good to excellent quality because they are a feature piece and people's eyes will be drawn to them with your black dress backdrop. Try plain black and unadorned flats for a casual look suitable for the office or an informal event.

Chanel-style slingbacks are also good additions for daywear. Use jewelry to brighten up the little black dress. The little black dress provides a magnificent backdrop for showing off your favorite jewelry pieces.

Additions that work well include a necklace that fits the neckline style of the dress, a brooch pinned in a cute spot, or an updo with daring earrings.

The list is really endless as far as combos go! Add a belt to the black dress. Provided the style of the dress can handle the addition of a belt, it can provide a very emphatic contrasting feature on your little black dress.

Select a belt for color , texture, glamor, or pattern. The only concern is to ensure that it fits well with the dress as a whole — check the complete look in the mirror. If you like wearing scarves, this can make a lovely addition to a black dress. Select a print or pattern that matches with the other additions to the dress and ensure that the scarf is of high quality, such as a silk scarf.

A silk wrap can make an elegant addition to a plain black dress. Try a very simple pair of black pumps, preferably rounded and a pair of chandelier earring with a Dupioni silk wrap. The chandelier earrings and Dupioni silk wraps look great when matching and a warm color.

If you don't mind wearing gloves, they can really dress up the little black dress. White gloves for the daytime and black gloves for the evening can work wonders.

Select a suitable bag. Again, the bag is going to get noticed because the black serves as a backdrop to anything you're holding, so make sure the bag is treated as part of the overall fashion look. The bag doesn't have to match the shoes or other accessories but it should blend well with the color scheme. A small clutch bag is a lovely, discreet look. Try a dazzling or sparkling color to dress it up for the evening.

Add headwear and hair accessories to the list of possible dress-ups for the little black dress. A well placed hat can be suitable for special events such as race meetings, royal events, and very warm days. An astutely placed hair bow, floral item, bejeweled hair piece, or simple ribbons can go a long way to making a lovely statement with the little black dress.

With a black dress, all your accessories should have a color theme. The same goes for your makeup. Make sure your nail polish, eye shadow, and lipstick match your wardrobe. As an alternative, just ensure that your makeup highlights the best features of your face and gives life to your entire look.

It's fine as long as you balance out the look with gold accessories and stay away from any other colors. Use a tasteful gold eye shadow or lipstick if you aren't inclined to stick with neutral makeup. Not Helpful 0 Helpful A monochromatic look is very chic. Yes, but it may create some contrast. To balance that contrast out, consider adding a white accessory, such as a: Not Helpful 2 Helpful Yes, that should be good, as long as they don't clash with something else you're wearing e.

Not Helpful 1 Helpful No, your bag and shoes do not have to be in the same material, but they should coordinate. Gold and silver both look great with a little black dress, so you should wear whichever one goes best with your skin tone. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 6. Yes, but remember not to confuse your look with too many colors - and balance out your shoes with matching accessories, bag and makeup. Not Helpful 3 Helpful Are you sure these colorful tights are a good idea? is the perfect place to find dress up games for people who love fashion! Decide who you want to dress in our celebrity dress up section or just pick some popular teen dress ups to style with the latest trendy hair makeovers. There's nothing more chic and stylish than a little black dress. Black matches everything, and it fits with any event. Unless it's a black light party! But t/5(). Black Girl Dress Up Game. A black woman executive day to get dressed.